Remembering how good a book this is.

Decided to change my lock screen. Needed some beautiful faces looking at me.
You can never have too many 60’s Robin Gibb photos. - beegeesfreak (via beegeesfreak)
Happy 64th Birthday!!! We miss you both more every year! Thank you for all the years you have to us and for all the music. <3
How our Biology party turned out on Friday. :)

The Bee Gees, circa 1973.
At the tender ages of six and nine, they would sing in their bedroom, copying the Everly and Mills Brothers from the radio. Once, when their grandfather was visiting, Barbara asked him if he wanted the radio turned down so that he could watch the cricket in peace. “And he said, ‘That’s not the radio, that’s the boys!’ I couldn’t believe it, so I went into their room, and there they were, three little kids on the bed singing Lollipop Lollipop in perfect harmony! - THIS <3 (via tisthemorningofmylife)